March 26, 2024

Capturing Elegance: A Day at the Cleveland Public Library with my Senior Spokesmodels

As the winter breeze gently swept through the streets of Cleveland, anticipation filled the air as the senior spokesmodels of Positively Portraits gathered at the iconic Cleveland Public Library for senior photos. Although the original plan was to embrace the snowy backdrop, Ohio had other plans, leading to a change of scenery. Nonetheless, what unfolded within the walls of this historic institution was nothing short of magical.

The Setting: A Stately Affair

With formal attire adorning each member of the group, the library’s grandeur served as the perfect backdrop for a day of elegance and sophistication. As prom dresses swirled and ties tightened, the stage was set for an unforgettable photoshoot.

Capturing Moments: From Grand Staircases to Enchanted Rooms

Positioned at the foot of one of the library’s grand staircases, the session started with individual senior portraits, each frame capturing the essence of the seniors’ personalities and aspirations. As shutters clicked and flashes illuminated the space, the air buzzed with excitement.

Transitioning seamlessly, the group converged for group shots in front of the library’s architectural marvels. Against the backdrop of soaring ceilings and ornate details, the spokesmodels radiated confidence and grace.

After, we transitioned to one of the grand staircase for anyone who wanted more individual senior photos taken on the steps.

The majority of the spokesmodels wanted to check out the rest of the library and its collections, so they headed upstairs. Annabell was the only spokesmodel to stay downstairs with us as she was drawn to the allure of “The Archive,” an exhibition featuring dried flowers and elements of nature. Highlighted by perfect lighting, her portraits captured a moment of serenity.

As the day drew to a close, a select few ventured to the grand doors of The Archive, framed by ornate architecture and illuminated by soft light. Their portraits exuded a timeless sophistication.

Stay tuned for Episode 5 of our senior spokesmodel series filmed by Forever Filmz. This is the first season of our video series exploring our adventures capturing senior photos across Northeast Ohio! New episodes premier at 8PM every Monday on Facebook & Youtube.

Applications open for the Positively Portraits Class of 2025 Senior Spokesmodels on APRIL 1, 2024!

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