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Lighting Director

Lighting Director



Alexandra is my bubbly sister who knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face. She’s a ballerina who is also studying photography in college (while in high school, go sis!) if you have a serious teenager or a stubborn kid, she's sure to make them laugh!


If I’m not out on a photoshoot, I’m probably learning something photography related or spending time with family. i'm a photography major at kent state university that is obsessed with bubble tea. I also love baking, but that’s just another tidbit.


Neca is one of my best friends from early elementary school days. She studies photography at Cuyahoga Community College and takes crazy good travel photos that sometimes include her adorable dog, Phoebe. she always has something kind to say and is sure to make you feel comfortable in the spotlight.


Meet our awesome intern, Aidan! He is a super motivated senior with big plans for the photography industry. When you see him, he will probably offer to hold your coat in between pictures or help your kids down a few steps. Thanks to him, you will get to see more and more of what goes on behind the scenes. Stay tuned, we've got big things planned!