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Hey there, I'm Samantha, the proud owner of Positively Portraits. I'm all about appreciating moments and crafting memories through my lens. Since 2017, I've been capturing the essence of people and places, starting with my friends senior photos as we entered our senior year of high school. Outdoorsy at heart, I find inspiration in nature's beauty and love exploring new locations. I'd love to capture memories for you!


Meet Neca, a fellow photographer and one of my lifelong friends! She is my trusted lighting assistant that graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with a degree in photography. We've been traveling together across Northeast Ohio for years, capturing moments and memories with precision and passion.

She is the proud owner of Neca Warren Photography, where her passion for photography truly shines.


Meet Faith, one of my amazing interns. Since joining us in 2022, she's been an integral part of our team, working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our marketing content to life. Faith's creative touch has been instrumental in the success of our senior spokesmodels program.

Beyond her role here, Faith is also the proud owner of Faith's Photography.


Meet Charles, the most incredibly talented videographer that I know. Responsible for creating our spokesmodel video series, Charles has a gift for bringing stories to life through his lens. His creative vision and technical expertise has elevated our visuals to a new height.


Meet my sister Alexandra, the sunshine in any room! She is a natural with children, effortlessly connecting with them, making family sessions extra fun. Alexandra is a dance teacher specializing in ballet, but still loves to help with behind the scenes & lighting during photoshoots. 

She is the reason that Positively Portraits exists. As kids, she would let me take her photos everywhere! I'm so lucky to have such a great sister. 


Summer is currently an intern at Positively Portraits learning to create her own photography business. She brings so much energy to our sessions with her outgoing personality. 

She keeps us connected and relevant on social media with new and evolving ideas for behind the scenes content. 


Meet Krista, our newest intern with a passion for putting businesses in the spotlight! As a senior spokesmodel alumni, Krista has truly mastered the art of modeling, showcasing not only her own accomplishments but also the unique stories of individuals.

As a valuable addition to our team, Krista's transition from model to photographer brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience. 

Did you know...

we also capture love stories!