You've worked so hard for this. Your senior year is finally here! 


welcome to my
 senior portrait guide 

Your senior photo session is not just about creating beautiful artwork, but showcasing your accomplishments and the wonderful person that you have become. (It’s also meant to be fun!)

Relax, enjoy yourself, and don’t worry about a thing! I will be your guide throughout the entire process.

Together we will plan a unique photo shoot created just for you. From location to wardrobe, your senior session is designed to be about you!

Your senior session is meant to be all about you. Your personality will determine your style. Do you spend your free time surrounded by the great outdoors or are you more of a city person? I’ve had seniors take pictures with their dirt bikes on old country roads, on pointe shoes in the middle of the city, and barefoot on the beach. I’m super laid back and always up for an adventure. No idea is too crazy! 

I want your photos to be meaningful to you, so please feel free to always be yourself. My photography encompasses true colors, minimal editing, creativity, and fun! 

I do not believe in any crazy retouching. If you wake up with breakouts or a giant bug bite on your face, no worries, it happens to all of us. Make sure to request touch-ups, though. I will not alter anything about your appearance otherwise. Your photos will be a genuine representation of what makes you wonderful!

By the end of your session, I want you to feel proud and confident. Senior year is a big deal, this is your time to shine!!! It is my honor to capture such an important time in your life. 

the process


Make sure that you are prepared! Plan out your entire outfit before the day of your photo shoot. Feel free to send me pictures if you would like advice. Make sure that you are not missing anything! That includes undergarments, socks, jewelry and props.

-Functional clothing! (You should be able to stand, sit, squat, etc. in each of the outfits that you choose.)

-Layers such as jackets, vests, scarves

-Socks: Even though you think that your jeans are going to cover your neon socks, it’s the last thing you will be thinking about during your session. Just leave them at home. Make sure your socks match too!

-Take care of your hands and fingernails. Ladies, remember to take old nail polish off before your photoshoot!

-Solid natural colors work best. Especially when talking about close-ups, solid natural colors allow you to be the center of attention, not your clothing. Plus, they will match a lot of your backgrounds.

-Consider glasses glare. If you do not have anti-reflective lenses, glasses may cause a problem. You are allowed and entitled to wear your glasses if you would like! Just let me know in advance so that I have a lighting plan.

-Check your clothing for wrinkles!

-Avoid text on clothing 

-No dirty shoes!

-Check for pet hair on your WILL show in photos

Clothing Tips

I’m Samantha!

I am excited to get to know you already! It wasn’t too long ago that I was in your shoes graduating from high school. I am a recent Kent State University grad, Photography major of course! If I am not out on a photoshoot, I’m probably out exploring the world with my camera in hand. I honestly love what I do.